Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hotel's and Free Breakfasts

I am sitting in yet another Hilton Hotel. I just finished breakfast and managed to grab the public computer for a few minutes. Just a couple of quick thoughts...

First,  have you ever noticed that it is hard to turn away from the free food? I always make sure that I have my travel mug full before I leave. But is it really free? I would rather not carry around the free food for the next five years...don't get me started on protein surfing.   Ok, so I have eaten enough breakfast for the day.  I will not eat the mini-pastries that are just over in the corner.

Second, I have gotten used to life on the road and finding myself in places that I would not have anticipated 10 years ago. That leaves me with trusting the One who knows the end from the begining.  Wonder, awe, acceptance, hope and submission...not necessarily in that order,  are the mantra...correction the ongoing jetstream of the soul that God is blowing my way. So what becomes my response to the Wind of the Spirit? 

My job is to learn how to set sail by the jetstream of the Spirit...that is the goal for the coming year.

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