Thursday, March 6, 2014

It is all about Goodness, Grace and Glory

I ran accross this quote recently...

God did not bring you into the world because He had any need of you, useless as you are; but solely that He might show forth His Goodness in you, giving you His Grace and Glory. And to this end He gave you understanding that you might know Him, memory that you might think of Him, a will that you might love Him, imagination that you might realise His mercies, sight that you might behold the marvels of His works, speech that you might praise Him, and so on with all your other faculties..-- Francis de Sales

There are days where we all feel useless...but even then we have a purpose. We are designed to show God's goodness, His glory and His grace. So in the day that awaits we have work to do. We need to live the day with our eyes wide open to the movements of His grace, our hearts listening for His voice, our memories rehearsing His acts of mercy to us, and words pointing toward His glory.

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