Monday, March 5, 2012

Notes to the Lord:Drawn By Need Changed By Grace

Mark 3
[3.7-10] Jesus went off with his disciples to the sea to get away. But a huge crowd from Galilee trailed after them—also from Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea, across the Jordan, and around Tyre and Sidon—swarms of people who had heard the reports and had come to see for themselves. He told his disciples to get a boat ready so he wouldn't be trampled by the crowd. He had healed many people, and now everyone who had something wrong was pushing and shoving to get near and touch him.

Lord Jesus--You intervened in people's lives in a clear and vital way. They longed to get close to you so that they could know the power of God at work in their lives.  Things haven't changed much.  Where we sense that you are moving and working we continue to be drawn to your power and grace. People are attracted to your movement and work in their lives.

That is what I long to see.  You work in power and in such a way that it is clear that there is no other way that it could have been done except by the power that comes from your name.  Not by marketing, or by great programs, but because of a movement of your Spirit in such power that no one can mistake it.  I have the sneaking suspicion that is just what you want and are about to do here in this place when conditions are ripe.

In fact, as I look back on the last little while there is a growing sense that you have been at work all along.  You have been weeding and nurturing in ways that I don't always notice or understand.  Some of your work has been inside of me. Some of what you are doing is in tilling the soil and making sure that the seed planted has all that it needs to grow.  That is the movement of the Spirit...either by moving me, or moving the mountain.

You are the one who said to your prophet...
Ezekiel 37
Dry bones, listen to what the LORD is saying to you, 5"I, the LORD God, will put breath in you, and once again you will live.6I will wrap you with muscles and skin and breathe life into you. Then you will know that I am the LORD."

Sometimes I am the dry bones that you are speaking to Lord...forgive me for my lack of faith that you can do it one more time within call these dry bones to life.  Submission and openness to the nudge of grace is what you have put in my heart so I will wait for you to work in power.

Just like those crowds who were running after you beside the sea of Galilee I am running after you. Work in  heart, mind, soul, and body create the conditions where your Spirit can move in power to the glory of the Father. Do whatever it takes...nothing else is worth it.

Peterson, Eugene H. (2006-06-15). The Message Remix 2.0: The Bible In contemporary Language (p. 1795). NavPress. Kindle Edition.

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