Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Notes to the Lord:Good Intentions Misdirected Or Some times Submission is Scary

 Mark 3
Jesus came home and, as usual, a crowd gathered—so many making demands on him that there wasn’t even time to eat. His friends heard what was going on and went to rescue him, by force if necessary. They suspected he was getting carried away with himself.

Lord Jesus--It sounds like a family and friends intervention.   The timing is very interesting.  Just as you have organized to be more effective, the family and friends from Nazareth are thinking you have lost track of who you are.  Well intentioned people can be just plain wrong. Remind me when I need to know it, that many times people have good intentions that are miss directed. Why do I forget that so often, and go off on a rant about what ever the crisis of the day is? When really it is just miss directed good intention spilling out all over my little world.

Remind me Lord in the middle of the mix that some of my greatest successes were mistakes that you some how blessed.  I am still not beyond missing the point in the middle of a Divine moment of grace, just like your family and friends did on their attempt at a family intervention.

The needs of the masses were pressing on you.  There was the power of God evident and people wanted to see God's intervention in their lives.  It was a revolutionary event that normal people were able to sense the power of God available to them.  The needs of people were more important than food and you were willing to skip meals to meet their needs. There was a need to let the Spirit of God flow through you and touch those the surrounded you.  Even if they did not understand it, or grasp the implications of that work being released into the world.

That is such a reversal of the way that organized religion usually works right now in America.  We are such a consumer driven group of people.  Programs and the right kind of music and the right enviroment...nothing wrong with any of it.  Yet, the most important thing is the presence of the Living God which is not always what we are most concerned with. Am I willing to miss a few lunches and dinners in order to see the power of God released within your people and within my life?  Absolutely!  Or said another way, am I willing to be viewed as being "carried away" by your work in my life to the point where my grasp of reality is called into question?  Ok, that hurts...but that is exactly where you found yourself when confronted with your family.

All that to say, Lord Jesus, I don't want to miss a moment of your work in my life because I am afraid of what others might think.  I don't want to draw back even when the edges of what I see as normal is being pulled away by the kind and gentle pull of the Spirit of the Living God.  Don't let my limited vision and perspective...my fear of falling keep me from trusting the Holy Wind of the Spirit of God.  Some times submission is scary. I have to admit I am glad that I wasn't the one in the bunny suit, but if that is where you ask me to be...I am there.

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