Saturday, April 16, 2011

Notes to the Lord: The Road Goes On From Here

1 Timothy 4
10We have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of everyone, but especially of those who have faith. That's why we work and struggle so hard.

Lord Jesus--You are the One with whom my hope is secure. The offer of salvation is open to everyone. I continue to be a sinner saved by your mercy and grace. The choice to accept your grace remains the dividing line between faith and fantasy. Your finished work on the cross is what defines me, not my meandering attempts at obedience.

The only response that I can give to your grace is acceptance and then depend on you for each step. What about the mess that seems to follow me from time to time?

The places where I just don’t finish well....the places where frustration mixes with acid reflux of the soul...the places where I am clueless and cutting? That is the place where grace really lives...the place where I have to depend on your sustaining grace to transform this person that I am into the person that you would have me to become.

Does that road ever end? Is that process ever finished? I am wondering if it is even finished after we meet face to face...I hope not. I hope that this journey from faith to sight is only the beginning of the changes that I can’t even imagine from this vantage point.

Who is the person you would have me become? A big souled person who sees no limits to the boundaries of grace. A person who knows from the inside out that God does change and will continue to change and grow his people...that the beginning of faith is so simple...the starting point is the willingness to accept the reality of my need and the availability of your grace.

In the day that will begin in a few minutes, let me be a big souled person...a person who reaches out in grace with a sure knowledge that God changes everyone who is open to His work in their lives. Remind me of the mercy I have experienced and the hope that lives within me.

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