Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Notes to the Lord: You in Me? Me Like You?

1 Timothy 4

6If you teach these things to other followers, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus. You will show that you have grown up on the teachings about our faith and on the good instructions you have obeyed.

Lord Jesus--In the middle of the complexities of my world. I find myself at times this effective? Am I wasting my time? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere?

That is when you point me to this simple evaluation...Kurt, Are you teaching the Word, like I told you to? Are you telling people that I am coming back? Are you still allowing yourself to be accountable and teachable? That is the point

7Don't have anything to do with worthless, senseless stories. Work hard to be truly religious. 8-9As the saying goes. "Exercise is good for your body, but religion helps you in every way. It promises life now and forever." These words are worthwhile and should not be forgotten.

Lord Jesus--Real religion is about relationship with you where prayer and communication is ongoing. More and more I find you entering my thought process...sometimes at surprising ways and times. Enter into my inner stream of thought, Lord Jesus in this coming day.

Change the course of my meanderings when needed. Be Lord of heart, soul, body, mind and take every thought captive. Stretch this small heart of mine to resemble yours if only is small ways in the day that will begin in a few hours.

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