Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Notes to the Lord:Before Your Return

1 Timothy 4

God's Spirit clearly says that in the last days many people will turn from their faith. They will be fooled by evil spirits and by teachings that come from demons.

Lord Jesus--These days are dark days, earthquakes,wars on three fronts, and economic unsustainablility. It makes me wonder about the future.

Then I read these lines. There is a spiritual hunger out there.
People who are looking for what satisfies and are not finding it. In the last days there will be a turning away for the faith, with spiritual confusion the order of the day. It will be a time when there will be will be evil at work to fool those who are seeking the spiritual.

There will need to be a high level of discernment on the part of your people. Even in this time there will be choices that need to be made: “many people will turn from their faith.” Even in deception there is choice.

2They will also be fooled by the false claims of liars whose consciences have lost all feeling.

There will be those who choose foolishly when they are listening to the teachings of liars. A twisted time of confusion coupled with active evil. Just because something appears to be spiritual doesn’t mean that it is good. Paul reminds me that evil is an active spiritual force which is seeking my destruction.

These liars 3 will forbid people to marry or to eat certain foods. But God created these foods to be eaten with thankful hearts by his followers who know the truth.

Lord Jesus--The hallmark of these impostors and liars will be the restriction of marriage and of diet. Alarm bells are ringing in my head. I am thinking Waco and Hale-Bopp comet followers all of whom had these kind of restrictions.

4Everything God created is good. And if you give thanks, you may eat anything. 5What God has said and your prayer will make it fit to eat.

Lord Jesus--It is easy to get side tracked on issues that really don’t matter. It will even get more difficult in the times before your coming. The very things that are gifts from your hand will be viewed as needing to be restricted by those who appear to be spiritual.

It really is not possible to know for sure if this is the time that Paul was talking about in these lines. What I can know for sure is that, the time is closer to your coming than when these words were written. Help me to be salt and light in times that seem to be darkening around me. Let me realize that in the middle of where ever you put me I am free to be yours with grace.

Don't let me be sidetrack on issues that are not essential, let me focus on the grace and mercy that I have received and find ways to communicate that in the time and place that you have put me. Give me discernment to serve you in the day that will start in a very little while.

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