Friday, March 11, 2011

Notes to the Lord:Simple Truth

1 Timothy 2

4God wants everyone to be saved and to know the whole truth, which is, 5There is only one God, and Christ Jesus is the only one who can bring us to God.

Lord Jesus--You call me again and again to remember who you are and who I am. I was lost and you found me, I was disconnected from God and you became that connection. I have standing before God only because of you. The only thing that I have done is accept a gift freely given.

Lord Jesus, Never let me forget about the extravagance of your grace showered on me. You remind me again that you want everyone a way everyone is elected to be in relationship with you, and some just never accept the results of the election. Some choose to ignore the gift, never let me tire of telling the story of your grace made so real to me in this twisted heart of mine.

Jesus was truly human, and he gave himself to rescue all of us. 6God showed us this at the right time.

Lord Jesus--These are two very simple verses...but they are the gospel in a nutshell in simplest form. You know what it is to like to be spirit caught in flesh. You know what it is like to be so far from home. You know intimately, as a fellow traveler this journey that I am on. You had dark nights, when sleep did not come.

Lead me toward home, help me see your fingerprints on the issues that confront me today. Let this day be a day surrounded by grace experienced.

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