Sunday, May 1, 2011

Notes to the Lord: On Being Useful No Matter the Age Or Stage

1 Timothy 5

9For a widow to be put on the list of widows, she must be at least sixty years old, and she must have been faithful in marriage. 10She must also be well-known for doing all sorts of good things, such as raising children, giving food to strangers, welcoming God's people into her home, helping people in need, and always making herself useful.

Lord Jesus--Everyone has a place of service. Widows so often set aside have a place of service. The qualities are good ones for anyone of any age or gender. I like the idea of

“ always making herself useful.” So much of the time usefulness is a choice...there is always a place of service, sometimes we have to look for it.

Lord Jesus, help me be the kind of person who looks to make myself useful.

11Don't put young widows on the list. They may later have a strong desire to get married. Then they will turn away from Christ 12and become guilty of breaking their promise to him. 13 Besides, they will become lazy and get into the habit of going from house to house. Next, they will start gossiping and become busybodies, talking about things that are none of their business.14 I would prefer that young widows get married, have children, and look after their families. Then the enemy won't have any reason to say insulting things about us. 15Look what's already happened to some of the young widows! They have turned away to follow Satan.

Lord Jesus--Promises made need to be kept. Everyone runs the risk of falling into habits that need not happen. I wonder how many times Paul saw this pattern repeat before he jotted down these lines to Timothy. Gossip isn’t reserved to women or widows...

The thought that sticks with me today is the fact that starting well is not is a race that I run. Starting well is good as far as it gets, but the race continues through the years. Give me the grace to met the challenge that presents itself to me in this part of the course that you have marked out for me.

As the years tick away and the scenery changes the temptations change as time goes on. Now the challenge is to stay the course, even as those who started out with me leave for other places.These women started well and yet fell away, a note of caution to this sojourner...

Give me the grace for this stage of the race.

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