Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Bounce House, Really Good Fudge, and Hope...

Lord Jesus--Saturday was spent either in preparing for Harvest Fest or in participating in it...there was a lot to do...and all with the threat of weather cancelling much of the plan.  It wasn't much of a prayer as prayers goes...simple direct, no King James language at all.

It went something like this..."Lord, You said ask and it will be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened. I am asking for no snow or rain until after 5 o'clock." Now, this was a walking most of mine are.  I was walking the dogs as the bounce house man was dropping off the bounce house.  I was thinking what if it rains and snows and this $200 is wasted, and this work is lost.

Being a child of the 60's didn't help at this point.  All I could think of were the old Woodstock recordings of people shouting..."No rain, No rain, No rain!"  The sediment was the same...who knows maybe for some of those who shouted out those lines in the mud it was a prayer.  A bit of a stretch but maybe...

Any way with thoughts of Woodstock in mind,  I brought my prayer to you.  There were reasons that we had planned this event.  It was meant to be a way to just participate in our community...a way to show Jesus..a way to be of service for a time to those who surround us.

It was going to be about...bounce house fun, food to eat, people to meet, kids and a hayride.  It seems as if it was also going to be about an answer to a walking prayer.

You know as I prayed this prayer...thoughts of the work and preparation that had gone on was in my mind...the work of hands that could have been doing other things.  There was sacrifice and hope in the work that had been done.

It was going to be a day of face painting and fun.  It was going to be a day about treats...about fudge with candy corn in it.  It was about treats made with the motivation that they were going to be used by you, Lord Jesus.

Those thoughts led to a simple prayer.

Sometimes I can get way off the beaten track.  I can miss the point so easily.   I can think that your work is about grand themes and miss the fact that it is as simple as making fudge...and as complicated as hope that weather patterns for just a few hours will be altered over Saratoga.

Can you answer those kind of prayers, Lord Jesus?

This is just a few words of praise for a prayer answered.  So often I pray, prayers and then never thank you for the answers.  Thank you for snow that started just as we were ending.  Thank you for the way in which simple things were used to show your love alive within Living Springs Community Church.  Thank you for each of the people that you have brought into the life of this church on the corner of Washington and Pine.

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