Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Simple Conversation With A Friend

I had a conversation with a was after dinner and our belly's were full and we had a few minutes to talk. It was a comfortable time of reconnecting...a blessing of the Father...a perfect gift from the Father of lights.

It was a conversation set within a context of an ongoing relationship of many years...there was the strength of history in the room that night. I sensed the history...His story...the Master's work in each of our lives.

In thinking of that talk my mind settles on the texture of friendship's where we allow the Master to be a part of the mix. It doesn't have to be in a self-conscience kind of way, but in a gentle almost ethereal way. That in the middle of busy and frenetic life, the Master allows us time to ponder His goodness and grace to us continues to amaze me.

I came away from that time realizing that the Master's hand weaves and intermingles our experiences and our lives in a way that if we are aware and take the time, we can see the threads forming a pattern of mercy, of love and of grace.

You do lead beside still waters... sometimes when we least expect and are not looking for it.

Lord Jesus continue to show me the pattern of your work in my life. Help me to be aware of that work.

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