Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tasho, Me and Jesus

More times that I like to admit I am a bit like Tasho, Lord Jesus. 

 He is so easily distracted. He will chase after any furry creature that presents itself...even through every time that he has tried catching them he has come up short. The leash catches him every time, I am not sure why he keeps trying, but he does. If there were no leash he would be totally lost before he knew it.

I can get distracted so easily. It isn't furry creatures that catch my attention...sometimes it is circumstances that have formed my life...sometimes it is desires which are not yours. No matter really what they are...I end up losing track of the direction that you pointed me in...the next thing I know I feel the pull of the leash.

Tasho's priorities are pretty simple...a couple of walks a day, food, water and attention...lots of attention. He has his rituals and expectations about these needs that if I miss them, there are bills to pay. Walks with Tasho can be dangerous to your health and can introduce you to trees in a head trauma kind of way if you are not careful.

Rituals and expectations are a part of my relationship with you at times, Lord Jesus...more that I like to admit I want things to be done on my schedule and the way I like them. Being around me at times is like a head long rush through the woods...

Tasho hates cars. He barks and lunges at them as if he can scare them away with his bark. Cars could be the end of my friend no matter how much he barks at them. Again, he reminds me of me, many times do I think that by barking and lunging at what frightens me that I can scare it away? When actually it could be just like the car and Tasho. Thank you for your protection Lord even when I am not aware of it and resentful of the tug of leash.

Tasho loves his family with all his heart...a welcome home is complete with white hair all over what ever clothing I have on at the time. Let's not mention the drool that could shower without notice. He is sure that he is the most important thing about coming home. His love is a bit of a selfish thing, he needs ear rubs, belly rubs and there are times when he just must have them.

I hope that is not the way that my love is, Lord. But I suspect, there is more selfishness than I would like to admit in my love. More concerned with my goals and ideas than I would like to admit...there are times when I somehow slip into the thinking that I should be the center of your attention and the universe for that matter.

Romans 12:9-10
9 Love must be completely sincere. Hate what is evil, hold on to what is good.10 Love one another warmly as Christians, and be eager to show respect for one another

Thanks for the lessons learned Lord...thinking and ruminating about a friend with white fur and copious amounts of drool.

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