Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Praying the Psalms: Even when Evil Men Rule

Psalm 7 (Part Two)

9-11 Close the book on Evil, God,
but publish your mandate for us.
You get us ready for life:
you probe for our soft spots,
you knock off our rough edges.
And I'm feeling so fit, so safe:
made right, kept right.
God in solemn honor does things right,
but his nerves are sandpapered raw.

Father God--David was aware of your work in his heart...molding, shaping, and sustaining. He has it exactly right. Your work continues in this heart of mine, not easy work... but making fit what once was useless. Remind me in those times when I am "thick as a brick" that you are working in this heart of mine. There is no wasted material. You want to use everything that comes into my life to mold and shape this heart of mine.

11-13 Nobody gets by with anything.
God is already in action—
Sword honed on his whetstone,
bow strung, arrow on the string,
Lethal weapons in hand,
each arrow a flaming missile.

Father God--There will come a time when you close the book on evil. There will come a time when tyrants will fall and playing the angles will end. You are at war with evil even when I am unaware of it the battle rages around me. I can trust in the fact that evil men are in a fight they can not win.

14 Look at that guy!
He had sex with sin,
he's pregnant with evil.
Oh, look! He's having
the baby—a Lie-Baby!

15-16 See that man shoveling day after day,
digging, then concealing, his man-trap
down that lonely stretch of road?
Go back and look again—you'll see him in it headfirst,
legs waving in the breeze.
That's what happens:
mischief backfires;
violence boomerangs.

Father God--You know the days that I live in...a time when the values which held things together are in transition. It is a time of opportunity and danger on all sides. It is a time that is not sustainable...a violent, and unjust age. I have a feeling that David felt the same odds with the people that surrounded him.

17 I'm thanking God, who makes things right.
I'm singing the fame of heaven-high God.

Father God--In the end, there is praise. Praise is a faith statement. Praise flows out of trusting you to work even when I am in between the cracks in the sidewalk of active intervention. I may not see the end of the chain of events that result in the judgement of those who trap the righteous. or the judgement of the current despots who are in power. I can in the mean time, back at the ranch, praise you who makes things right.

In this day that will begin in a couple of hours let me rest in your grace...and goodness trusting you to keep me safe in this coming day even as the battle rages around me.

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