Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pictures and Prayer Along the Road

Sometimes I don't get it right away. The road leads from right where I am to where you want me to be.  Sounds so simple and yet so complicated. All at the same time...

You taught me that you can use me right where I am and that openness is really the only precondition in the lessons learned along the road with you.

So it was on this street that I met Mr. White.  I have no idea if that was his real name or not. He told me that it had been a hard day for him.  I am not sure why he thought he could talk with me. Was it that I made I eye contact with him?

Jesus was it that I had prayed a prayer as he past and he sensed it?  That is something that I have been practicing lately. Just a short prayer of blessing and sometimes of intercession.  But this time Mr. White stopped and talked with me.

He told me of a separation that he was going through and a child that he had visitation with...he told me that he hadn't eaten.  I had no cash and there wasn't the opportunity to take  him to get a sandwich everything was closed.  A prayer beside the road was all that I could give.

You reminded me on that sidewalk  that any moment can be a God moment...a moment that can be connection with you and with those that I allow myself to be open to along the road.

This morning the road goes on just outside my door, Lord.  Let today be an adventure in learning how to be open and aware of your movement in my life.

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