Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random thoughts on a Tuesday P.M.

Father God-- It is just a normal day and yet sometimes it feels like a tightrope walk over alligators with me just inches from their gaping jaws.  As I watched this little one walk the bricks, I started to wonder about where life leads us and where small steps can take us.

She was so proud when she reached the end of stones.  My accomplishments seem so important to me.   But Father I wonder if they are just like these stones walked in an afternoon with loved one's surrounding.  An accomplishment?  Yes, but one that is limited and only useful as a part of your plans and goals.

Father God--Just another house on a street in anywhere America...and yet it was once a house that kept safe a dream and ignited a passion.

Why do we settle for such small dreams like houses on anywhere street?  Instead we could have changed the world and captured a generation for Your Kingdom.

A stairway...not to heaven but to a walk up in Greenwich.  Stairs are like stepping stones with more risk.  They lead to a new level and the possibility of falling.

Father God--Climbing the stairs will lead me to a clearer view of my surroundings and  a vision of what the next direction should be.  Don't let me settle for the safe,  Father.

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