Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Praying the Psalms:Mountains and Angels

Psalm 24

[24.1-2] GOD claims Earth and everything in it, GOD claims World and all who live on it. He built it on Ocean foundations, laid it out on River girders.

Father--Your claim to the world is clear.  It is written on the blue sky and on the surface of the water.  You made it all and you own it all.  The structure you know better than I will ever guess.

So much of the time I float only on the surface not looking at ownership or at source. I enjoy the ride.   Remind me in the middle of my day of your superintendency of this world that I experience so fleetingly at times.

[24.3-4] Who can climb Mount GOD? Who can scale the holy north-face? Only the clean-handed, only the pure-hearted; Men who won’t cheat, women who won’t seduce.

The mountains where you live can only be reached by a journey of the heart that does not depend on ropes or pitons driven into sheer rock cliffs.  The journey instead depends on my heart being in-tune with yours. It is a mountain climb of the soul that I am on as I follow you, Lord.   What can I expect? Hard work, Yes. Expanding vistas of grace? Absolutely. Clear cold streams of living water? I am sure.  But the hike takes the next step...lead with the right...bring up that silly left foot...one more step. Grab the next rock pull...

 [24.5-6] GOD is at their side; with GOD’s help they make it. This, Jacob, is what happens to God-seekers, God-questers.   [24.7] Wake up, you sleepyhead city! Wake up, you sleepyhead people! King-Glory is ready to enter.

Father--You remind me that I am not on a forced march nor a meandering Sunday afternoon of walking the dogs.  There is intention in every step and I am not alone.  Every footfall you are with me willing me on and encouraging my sometimes wandering focus.  "Kurt, Will you please keep you eyes on the path ahead? Son, you are going to take a fall.  Are you sleepwalking again?"  

In the middle of it all the King of Glory is about to make his entrance. 

[24.8] Who is this King-Glory? GOD, armed and battle-ready.   [24.9] Wake up, you sleepyhead city!Wake up, you sleepyhead people! King-Glory is ready to enter.   [24.10] Who is this King-Glory? GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies: he is King-Glory.

Father--Jesus is right with me isn't he?  The image here is so striking...and I so easily forget it here in sleepy Saratoga Springs.  The king is here in full battle dress, ready for the battle.  The battle rages all around me...strongholds of Satan falling around me...angels watching and fighting an unseen battle.  The telltale signs of that battle going on are all around me...in an impression that comes from nowhere to pray, in a prayer answered, in an expression of encouragement and love given but un-looked for.
Lead on King of Glory!

Peterson, Eugene H. (2006-06-15). The Message Remix 2.0: The Bible In contemporary Language (p. 735). NavPress. Kindle Edition.

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