Friday, October 16, 2009

Κύριος Notes :Day Break on a Day when Darkness Reigned


Light of the world
You stepped down into darkness.
Opened my eyes, let me see.
Beauty that made this heart adore You
Hope of a life spent with You
Here I am to worship,
Here I am to bow down,
Here I am to say that You're my God
You're altogether lovely
All together worthy,
All together wonderful to me

Scripture Reflection: Luke 22

66At daybreak the council of the elders of the people, both the chief priests and teachers of the law, met together, and Jesus was led before them. 67"If you are the Christ,
" they said, "tell us."

Beaten and ridiculed by people you could have sent through the gates of hell with one command, you listened to their questions. In the middle of it there was no answer that would lead to acquittal or freedom. You know what it is to be wrongly accused and in the middle of it you did not rebuke them.

Jesus answered, "If I tell you, you will not believe me, 68and if I asked you, you would not answer. 69But from now on, the Son of Man will be seated at the right hand of the mighty God."
70They all asked, "Are you then the Son of God?" He replied, "You are right in saying I am."
71Then they said, "Why do we need any more testimony? We have heard it from his own lips."

They did not want to know if You were the Christ except to convict you of blasphemy. They knew their reaction before they even asked the question.

I would like to think that I am different than these men. They accused you without a moments hesitation even as the evidence of your last miracle was dancing around the room on the head of the servant who had his ear cut off. Yet, I know that I am quick to accuse you of not caring, or not watching out for me, or being absent because things are not working out exactly as I would like them to. Forgive me Jesus for so often pointing the finger of accusation at others when I am doing much the same thing.

This was the day break of a day when darkness would reign and evil would appear to triumph over God's plan...but Easter is coming!

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