Thursday, December 24, 2009

Κύριος Notes:Blessings Come Even When You Don't Push

Thoughts about Flying on Christmas Eve

Lord Jesus--Airplanes always remind me of you. Maybe it is because most of the time I am asking you to keep the wings in the air and the pilot focused on his job.

I am aware of all the other people that will be on the plane with Sharon and I ...people from everywhere, anywhere and nowhere. People who need to come to a saving relationship with you. People with hurts and losses, people with joy and with knowledge of The Hope that this season is all about. Remind me of the fact that I am yours when I am putting in my carry on bag and the guy in front of me is in a hurry.

This time of year spending it with family and taking time to reflect about what you have done is the point. Your blessings continue to flow and your Spirit continues to lead, even and maybe especially on vacation.

Scripture Reflection Matthew 5
5Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

This is one of those verses that the investment bankers of Wall Street would have laughed at up to when the street started to crumble and all of the greed and short term thinking started to come home to roost with them.

The meek are blessed. The people who are the guppies in a world of sharks can find a place of blessing. Amazing...a place where they will not be stepped on, used as a door mat or manipulated and managed. That place of blessing is found at your side Lord Jesus.

I wonder if meek people would find me comfortable to be around. Lord Jesus I can be a driven, focused, goal oriented person. Help me Lord Jesus to sense the meek and to give them a place of blessing because I am yours.

The blessing that the meek can expect is an inheritance. Something that manipulation of the will, or birth order will finally not have an influence on. There will be a day when the inheritance reserved for your people will be realized.

Lord Jesus be in this day from beginning to end. Teach me lessons on meekness today make me a part of the blessed meek today.

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