Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kurios Notes

Κύριος Notes
3/17/2009 6:02AM
Saratoga Springs, NY

Praise you Lord in this day
Praise you in the kitchen
Praise you in the car
Praise you at work
Praise you each moment.

Scripture Refection: Luke 4
38-39He left the meeting place and went to Simon's house. Simon's mother-in-law was running a high fever and they asked him to do something for her. He stood over her, told the fever to leave—and it left. Before they knew it, she was up getting dinner for them.

You can tell sickness to leave. I love the way that is worded. There is nothing that your word does not, and can not change in our lives. All we have to do is allow you to work...to speak the words of power in our lives. There is nothing that is not able to be transformed by the word that you speak.

Lord speak you words into my life. What would you say to me today Lord?

Isn't it interesting that this women who was sick just a short time before with a fever...moments later was back fixing them dinner. The miraclous in the middle of the mundane. What better thing to do than to fix dinner for the master after he heals you? Help me to remember that your work in my life leads me to the place where I will be able to do your will...which is the next good thing that you put infront of me.
40-41When the sun went down, everyone who had anyone sick with some ailment or other brought them to him. One by one he placed his hands on them and healed them. Demons left in droves, screaming, "Son of God! You're the Son of God!" But he shut them up, refusing to let them speak because they knew too much, knew him to be the Messiah.

Your touch healed and sent demons screaming. Lord Jesus your touch can heal and help me. Where do I need your touch today? What parts of my life have been ailing? These people did not even know what aliments they had...did they know it was cancer, or HIV or some varient type of infulenza? No, they just knew they were sick.

Here again Jesus you would not accept acknowledgement...what looks like praise from demons. You do not need testimony from those who have no choice.

I choose to acknowledge your Lordship over my life in this day. Lord lead and guide.


  1. I want you to know I start each day by checking the blog (and seeing what time of night you posted :) I think about God every day driving to work and listening to Christian music. But it's not deep thought - just fluffy stuff. There there are days where I'm just heading down the road and I think "Jesus, help me through the day" - meaning carry me, I'm too lazy to do it today. And then I feel guilty because my life is so easy - so then I apologize for bothering him. Then every once in a while I have an earnest prayer for strength to be the best productive employee I can be - and that's when I usually have an extraordinary day.

  2. I continue to be amazed and awed by the combination of the miraculous in the middle of the mundane...you could almost miss it if you were looking for it

    In the middle of life God just dropes in the most amazing things.

    So far I am getting the post up...sometimes with words that made sense when I was typing them...and sometimes that are not spell checked.

    Hopefully it will get better as i go.