Sunday, April 25, 2010

Notes to the Lord: Reflections on Overflow

A couple of thoughts that are rumbling around in gray matter this afternoon.

First thought is there is very good leadership in the denomination that LSCC is apart of. Godly and thoughtful men are leading the church in a strategic and informed way. I know for some of you that come from a more independent church background might get concerned about this connection. I can say that we can be confident in the leadership. I don't talk a lot about this just because it is not something that impacts daily operations of our church.

Bishop Kendell's address it was very good...made me think and cry all at the same time. I am not sure how someone so cognitive can get so close to the emotions...not on my best day. He reminded me of the history of grace that we come from abolitionist of the 19th century that apposed slavery in every form when it cost some of them their careers and their reputations.
Yet, He did not hide the places where the church made mistakes, he faced clearly the issue of legalism that was a part of the history.

The focus was an seeing people come to know Jesus as their savior and Lord...give us a passion for souls was a refrain that was echoed again and again. Learning to tell the story in a way people can hear and understand was a topic that resonated with me. The words that we use so many times are words that normal people don't use...that are almost another language. We need to make connections with people in a way that allows us to tell the story in a way that they can hear. Very good...have been thinking the same way...and I might add it is not easy to do.

Bishop Roller made practical application of all the information and gave us challenge to the pastor types and the representatives from the local churches. Start small groups that include both believers and people may not have made that decision. The goal of the group that anyone who knows Jesus could lead it and just tell the story of our Savior. Great ideas...and my first reaction was abject fear...a church our size they suggest that we start 15 groups. We are going to have to think that one through and trust the leading of the Lord.

So bottom line it Kurt...what do you take away from this event?

I came away a sense that God is working. First God is working inside of me and He has interior work that continues to need to be addressed about my view of the church, and my experience of the church. Second. It comes through to me that I don't have it all down, I need more of Jesus and his work in my life. We need to create places that give people and entrance into our church.

All that and we were in Micky's backyard during the whole time and I never even saw the Magic Kingdom from the air coming in. Somehow it is ironic that we were so engaged in Kingdom Heaven work in the shadow of the Magic Kingdom, but then that is the way it is all the time isn't? Doing Kingdom work right in the back yard of this world's system is what it is all about anyway isn't it? is so good to be home.

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